Training and Supportive Services

business people and engineers on meeting CMSI has experience training DBEs (Disadvantage Business Enterprise) and SBEs (Small Business Enterprise) and providing supportive services. Government agencies and large contractors can utilize our training and supportive services to equip DBEs and SBEs to take advantage of federally and state funded construction projects. Small contractors can take advantage of our services with one-on-one customized training and supportive services or in a group setting. Our training covers a broad range of topics, from outsourcing responsibilities that cannot be performed in house and increasing efficiency for in-house operations.

Some topics include: Reading Plans & Specifications, Estimating and Bidding, Managing Successful Construction Projects and more. Training services for professional service providers includes: Understanding RFPs / RFQs and How to Prepare Winning Proposals.

Is your business suffering because of one or more of the seven deadly sins of construction?

  • Low field productivity and quality control problems
  • Inaccurate estimating and no cost control system
  • Inadequate documentation and losing control
  • Do not manage cash flow properly
  • Bidding on projects that do not match your business
  • Slow processing of RFI’s and change orders
  • Inadequate project management

Construction companies in the US and Canada have benefited from CMSIs expertise in diagnosing problem areas and making recommendations that saved millions.

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